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Trivago Guy Does Halloween!

– Posted in: Humor
my trivago guy

So what's gonna be a popular Halloween costume this year?  The Trivago Guy! You may know him from the travel commercials that ran constantly on television over the Summer. This guy caused a lot of buzz and put Trivago on the map!   Tim Williams IS the Trivago Guy.  Since Spring of 2014 there has been [...]

Dogs and Birthday Parties!

– Posted in: Canine Companions, Pets
cutie pie Nikki

Nikki celebrated her 8th birthday with us yesterday! She was anxious to see what was in her goodie bag, so she dived in headfirst! I adopted Nikki from the Humane Society when she was just a pup. She has brought so much laughter, love and joy into my life. For her next birthday we plan [...]

Trivago Guy Disappears?

– Posted in: Humor
the trivago guy

What on earth happened to The Trivago Guy? Did he leave us as the Summer ended and Fall began? Previously published in March 2014. My daughter and I Googled The Trivago guy last night because he gets on our nerves every time he's on. Turns out there's a ton of stuff out there and we [...]

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