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Dogs Bounce Back with the Adaptil Collar!

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nikki on deck

In spite of four days of fireworks, an ear infection, and humidity levels high enough to make anyone's hair frizzy, Nikki seems to be calmer since wearing her Adaptil collar. She has been up to her old tricks again, ie:counter surfing with a vengeance.  She's got that happy, mischievous look on her face, and she's [...]

A Big Thanks From Coco to #HillsPet!

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Here's a heart-warming story about a cat named Coco.  Coco is a beautiful Turkish Van mix.  She was found wandering the streets and was adopted by a cat-loving lady, Paris Permenter. Paris has an amazing blog full of great information about cats called, Cattipper, click on the link and take a look,  Coco is [...]

Pets and Stress.

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We've all heard that "pets make good therapists" when their owners are feeling blue. But what about when your pet is feeling stressed? Is is time for your canine or feline to take a seat on the couch for some therapy? How can we help them feel calmer? The first item on the list is [...]