How is it that my twins are doing college visits already? I know, I know, you guys have been through this years ago. Mommies In Orbit is a late bloomer, in all areas! They are starting their junior year in high school, so these visits are real eye-openers for all of us. There’s a strange phenomenon about raising kids, it’s like they are 10 years old forever………. and then something magical happens, they start high school and come home as young adults.

While I grapple with my own Midlife madness with questions such as, should I go to grad school, should I return to the cubicle and cease with the freelance work, should I finish braiding my daughter’s hair, and hold my son’s hand as he crosses the street? It’s a bridge I’m not sure I am ready to cross yet. It is kinda cool watching them look at college majors, and hear the comments on why they like the individual colleges. My son made the comment that he liked the size of the school and campus, kinda small, but it has great programs. My daughter, on the other hand, did mention several times with a glow in her eyes, “Mom, I love this school, they have a pool, a lazy river, and they deliver McDonalds!!”

The old saying that preaches that these kids don’t come with an instruction manual, that we are all just bumping along doing our best to raise our children, rings truer each and every day. And, as always, if you need someone to talk to during this transitional time, please reach out to the therapists at

I know we still have two years before college, but if the future is anything like the past, time passes at supersonic speed. Kind of like when my hero Chuck Yeager, flew the XS-1 past the sound barrier, becoming the world’s first supersonic pilot. Welcome to Motherhood in all its glory!

As we approach another milestone school year, and aren’t they all, check back at the blog for the next round of  chaos with the midlife Mom and her teenage twins.  Mommies In Orbit always welcomes comments, wisecracks, wise-sayings, ya know, feedback! These next two years will be bumpy, as they all have been in one way or another. But this rings true, it does take a village to raise kids!

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