Dating in 2023 is just as scary as it was a few years ago during the pandemic.

If you are trying to find your soulmate on dating apps, put your armor on. The more you know, the better off you are.   We are constantly bombarded with new dating terms, catfishing, fake profiles, etc, and whatever people have recently come up with, be super careful.

New dating terminology is popping up constantly. I have heard of ghosting and love bombing, in fact, I have experienced both of them, not very pleasant, I might add.

The new word that intrigued me is, ORBITING, gave me a reason to get back to the keyboard. Of course Mommies In Orbit was built 10 years ago on the word ORBIT.

Here is the definition according to ChatGPT: In the dating world, “orbiting” refers to a situation where someone maintains indirect contact with someone they used to date or were interested in, usually through social media. This can include things like checking their social media profiles, liking or commenting on their posts, or viewing their stories, but not actively reaching out to them or engaging in direct communication. The term is often used in a negative context, suggesting that the person is “haunting” their former romantic interest by keeping tabs on their life without actually rekindling the relationship.

That type of online behavior is just dishonest and misleading. These are the negative things we must deal with if we are going to use dating apps.

Like I mentioned, suit up in your medieval armor before you scan those dating apps, and as always, be careful, try to have fun, and if you are just mentally overwhelmed, or you just need a break, you can always delete, delete, delete.



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