College seniors this Fall, really? How did this happen so quickly? It’s becoming all a blur as I continue to cheer the twins on through the college years. They are doing so well, and of course, I am so proud of both of them. Yes I still receive emails from each respective college they attend, along with daily AARP and Medicare solicitations in my mailbox. We are definitely in two different orbits. And that is courtesy of having my beautiful kids at the ripe old age of 45! They are my world! We have all stuck together as a family even though my divorce was seven years ago. It wasn’t always easy, but my young adults seem to be doing very well.

Stop by and share your stories of your kids college life and how proud you are of them. And where did they end up, what kinds of jobs did they secure after college. I would love to have a little peek into the future, post college life.





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