There’s no way to start a post like this, except to just begin. My Mom passed away on May 20th, 2021. I could never have imagined how many things I would miss about her. Her name was Rita, a firecracker born in the 1930’s in St. Louis with five siblings. She worked in a dress factory at a young age. Mom was always a survivor. She did whatever she had to do to make things work.

She taught me a lot about common sense, which as we know, is crucial to navigate this crazy world we live in. She taught me to be strong, although I never felt like I could ever measure up to how strong she was. She was most definitely one of a kind. Mom was pretty, sassy and smart as a whip. When it came to saying how she felt about something, believe me, there was no filter there. Out it came, and you just dealt with the aftermath.

Mom raised us three kids after she and my Dad divorced, by cleaning houses for people. It was not a glamorous job, but she put food on the table and always asked me to have her coffee ready when she got home.

So what do I miss about my Mom the most? I dearly miss our daily phone calls. They were gritty and down to earth. Mom had quite a young mind, even well into her 80’s. We talked about everything under the sun. We complained to one another about our current woes, and talked about how fast my kids were growing up.

I miss our lunches out, our gambling days at the casino, our trips, but most of all how she loved and cared for me. There’s a big empty hole in my heart now that only a Mother’s love could fill. I think about her all the time and what an amazing little lady she was.

I have a son and a daughter. I now realize how different the love is between a mother and daughter and a mother and a son. It all equals out in the end, but the bond between a mother and daughter is just different.

Mom passed a few months shy of her 90th birthday. She gave it all she had, but illness just took over her frail body. I was blessed with having her around so long, very lucky. I’m sure one day I will be able to think about the funny things Mom and I shared, and sometimes I do. But mostly for now, I cry a lot and I just miss her l like crazy.

Appreciate and love your parents. We never know when that last day will come.

Share your stories with me about losing a parent and how you coped. Perhaps we can all ease the pain a little for one another.

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