If you have teenagers, then you know how difficult it is to figure out their language. I have two, the same age, and some days I just don’t know what they want or don’t want. And since we are new at this, treading into the teenage mind is like walking on Mars.

I have however, figured out a few things:

  • If you dare enter their room in the morning hours and see the bottoms of their feet sticking out from under the blankets, exit quietly, do not disturb.
  • If you spy that they have ear buds jammed into their sweet little ears, don’t even bother telling them that dinner is ready, they will NEVER hear you! Go sit down and have a nice meal by yourself 🙂
  • When their friends are over (especially boys), do not speak more than a couple of words to them, only what’s necessary, or undoubtedly your kids will tell you about it, “Mom, pleeease don’t embarrass me in front of my friends!” And you only asked them if they wanted some cookies:)
  • Don’t be surprised if they won’t accompany you to the grocery store without a fight and a major sulk. They don’t like grocery stores and they would rather pretend they don’t know you, parents have to be a least one aisle away.  However, you will be thankful if they stay home, your grocery bill will be a heck of a lot less.
  • If you plan on going into your daughter’s room, you can bet you’ll need a locksmith to get in. Seems like once they hit the teen years, their privacy is super important, and yours, well, you lost that years ago, like they day they were born?!
  • If you must ride in the car with teens, be sure to plan your trip thoroughly and quickly, they like to go places at jet speed. They detest stop lights, detours, most anything that makes them sit in a car with a parent or a sibling longer than they have to.
  • Last, but not least, hang in there, this too shall pass. Maybe not in time for you to actually sit down and relax, we have the driving years to get through, dating, high school, etc etc, I’m exhausted just thinking about it!




  1. lol – great advice. Teen years can put a major complex on parent’s shoulders. Everything we do is wrong! Good news is, yes it will pass. I can’t believe my two oldest are 28 and 24. It seems like just yesterday my daughter was giving me stink eyes from the back seat of the car. Now she calls me all the time to tell me she misses and loves me.