Fashionable, yes??

If you have kids in school, then you know just how volatile their moods can be when they enter the front door after a long day in the halls of knowledge. Call it brain overload, exhaustion, whateva’ you want to, but they remind me of prehistoric monsters when the bus drops them off.  I never know what to expect. If there’s gonna be any bickering, this is the time it’s gonna happen. The hours after school and before dinner have been called the “witching hours,” I have other names for it!

And this is why we need Mommy Armor! Kids are unpredictable. Their moods are up and down like the Screaming Eagle rollercoaster at Six Flags. Our personal Mommy Armor can protect us from our little aliens when they are out of control. These days my kids are very similar to those huge asteroids hurtling toward the Earth.

During the tween and preteen years, (with the best yet to come, teenagers), I don’t even recognize them, and I have a notion that they don’t know who they are. Hormonal fluctuations!  I’ve been told that all siblings fight. But I gotta tell you, when twins go to battle, it’s like an explosion, right there in my kitchen. There are times when me and the dogs head outside until the dust settles. I don’t know what’s down the road, but I betcha it’s gonna be quite an adventure for Mommies In Orbit!

"But Mom, we ARE getting along with each other!"
But Mom, she started it!



  1. Oh so true! I tell people all the time that I can handle the extra workload (laundry, chores, errands) but the arguing and fighting about puts me under.