My kids told me that they had learned something new from watching a show called, “Fairly Odd-Parents.” It’s a show they sometimes watch after school when they are in the decompress mode from the long school day. One of the characters put on his anti-nag shield in response to someone’s nagging attempt, and then just buzzed away!  So I thought to myself, well that could go both ways. I know that for a fact my kids would use their anti-nag shields about three times per day when Mommies In Orbit blasted out their three favorite announcements:

  • When they are told for the third time to get up and get ready for school!
  • Also for that dreaded time of the day when Mom says, “Do you have your homework done?”
  • And at bedtime, when I sound like a broken record telling them to get ready for bed, or else!!

But little do they know that this shield can come in handy for parents too. How about when the kids start nagging Mom about what’s for dinner and when and oh didn’t we just have tacos last night??? Insert anti-nag shield immediately. “What’s that you’re saying, can’t hear ya?”

Or how about when Mom gets nagged to keep on changing the radio station tuned to “their music” from one bad song to another? Anti-nag shield to the rescue, all’s I’m hearing now is Blake Shelton or Jason Aldean, music to my ears!

And last but not least, those long trips in the car, when they ask the age-old question, “Are We There Yet???” Pop that baby on my head and drive on, “We’ll be there when we get there, got it??”

I love this anti-nag shield, maybe every parent should ask Santa for one next year!!

Hi Timmy Turner!
Hi Timmy Turner!



  1. i love that show! teaches kids that nothing comes easy and you’re much happier when you think of others first. not to mention, the comedy is great for us parents. (like Cosmo putting on the anti-nag shield not to hear his wife.)
    the show cracks me up. when it comes to my kids, i just say to them, tuning you out in 3, 2, 1… and they stop. it’s like fairy magic i tell ya’!