Wouldn’t it be grand if we could buy an app for some of the more difficult tasks in life? How about a Parenting 101 app? That would top my Christmas list, since kids still don’t come with a manual. With a tap on the screen, the app would open up, in vibrant colors, just for fun, and explain to us why it’s so darned difficult to raise a couple of kids. It would include step by step instructions to assist parents through the preteen and teen years.

Wishful thinking?? There are apps for tracking your teens, why not an app for mood tracking? This would be useful for those days when you just don’t know why your son or daughter is having constant mood explosions. Key in some information and this app called, “Solar Flare” would give you some suggestions on how to handle those outbursts:

  • Run for the hills, she’s gonna blow!
  • Insert earplugs, piercing scream about to occur!
  • Grab coffee mug, fill with vodka, and chug, (that’s for the parents)!
  • Kiss your life {or insert another word} goodbye, you are now entering the twilight zone, you’re a parent!
  • Take a nap, this too shall pass!
Parenting apps!




  1. Hi,
    A parenting app? Don’t kids come with manuals anymore, like they used too? No seriously, there *are* parenting apps out there. Seriously. I found a whole list on Mashable. Just Google it. 😉

    • I will check out Mashable, I wonder if they have one for exhausted Mommies! Oh yea, that would be called a vacation, without kids, lol!