Now that my twins are 10 years old, I have noticed that, the times, they are a changin’.  I was tidying up and noticed some of their “stuff” lying around and couldn’t help but laugh. Gone are the bath toys, as we march forward to the tween years. My son has minimal amounts of stuff for grooming, it’s a boy thing. I noticed his orthodontic retainer, check, Spongebob Toothpaste, check and of course, men’s deodorant, check. He’s set to go with just a few items.  I can see aftershave added here in a couple of years and some Scope.                                                 

Spongebob toothpaste.
Pretty in Pink!

Here’s a sample of what we must have while dear daughter is glamorizing getting ready for school. Of course we have the pink orthodontic case, with retainer, oh yea, when you have twins, you get double the ortho bills at the same time, just an added bonus. Nail polish, two moisturizers Justice Blueberry Swirl Ice Cream and Vanilla Frosting cupcake.  Justice parfum, and of course, silly bands. The Justice credit card is hot these days.  Again, this is just a small representation of the stuff needed for the morning rush. Of course, deodorant and toothbrush are in the overflow powder room, not enough space for everything here. I can see numerous items being added soon.

Getting dressed in the morning deserves a separate blog. With girls fashions today, it’s a monumental task to wrap it all up before the big yellow bus arrives.Should be interesting as we fly through the tween orbit.