“Everybody’s wearin’ skinny jeans. Everybody got to look skinny in their jeans. Newt Gingrich—saw him the other day at Five Guys. Newt Gingrich was wearin’ a blazer with some tight skinny jeans.”
OMG, I gave up my skinny jeans when I found out I was having twins, that news was painful enough.  The kids skinny jeans make getting ready for school a team effort.  You must have everything on before you put on your skinny jeans, including socks.
A typical stick figure wearing skinny jeans.
So what’s the difference between skinny jeans and super-skinny jeans? Please let me know if you find out.  Airport screening could move a lot faster if we all wore skinny jeans. No hidden items here or there. Yikes!! Here are some folks who could get by wearing skinny jeans, no problem.

George, could you fetch my Skinny jeans?
Do I look fat in these skinny jeans?

Fashion will proceed as we know it and whoever wants to wear skinny jeans will, and as for me, I’m pretty happy in my Mom jeans. How about you? I have a hunch Mick Jagger may have created Skinny Jeans.

Skinny Jeans Mick.