I like bananas, do you like bananas?

Anyone thinking about a doll for their dear daughter for Christmas? I’ve researched some of the most popular dolls at our favorite retailer, Toys ‘R Us. Here’s the rundown. This one is a favorite, Baby Alive All Gone Doll, she’s the doll who talks and eats the “magic bananas.” They don’t say what happens to the bananas when they are “ALL GONE.” Or what the bananas are made of.  Or that they look like huge slices not meant for a baby! Yikes!

Then there’s the Baby Alive Changing Time Baby Doll, she comes with food packets, they don’t elaborate as to what’s actually in the food packets, but nevertheless, she also pees and poop, see, you can have it all! 
I suppose Bigger is really better, cause here’s a doll called the You & Me 18 inch Cuddle & Crawl Baby Doll, this one crawls around and makes baby noises. Watch this one around the Kitty-Kat.

Here’s a multi-talented doll, Baby Alive Bouncin’ Babbles Doll, they say that this one is always ready to play, she bounces up and down and giggles, (no acid reflux here).  She’s anxious to play with Mommy, but she may have to wait for Mommy to wake up from having one too many Martinis.

Lastly, we have the Baby Alive Simple Care For Me doll, this is the one for me, no messy feeding or changing diapers, low maintenance doll. No batteries required, just love.

These are the choices for our dear daughters when they are young and innocent. When the kids become older, the dolls are much, much scarier. Let me introduce you to the “2 Bratz in 1 pack,” meet Roxxi and Phoebe. They claim that these two have psycho, different personalities. I would keep the nightlight handy if I were you.
We like mini-skirts and pink lip gloss!
I would not want to have to tidy up that hair for school every morning. Mommy, can I please wear that mini-skirt to school like Roxxi and Pheobe wear?  So Moms, make your choices and enjoy shopping for dolls this Christmas.