If you have never experienced online dating, consider yourself really lucky. I’m here to tell you that I am on the verge of inventing a bullshit meter to take on all first dates.  You know, set the thing on the table and watch it do its job. If your date doesn’t like it, well, bye bye! Have yourself another drink and watch the game on the big screen!

Now, I know there are probably more sophisticated devices available, but this one fits nicely in my handbag and works on batteries. Get that sucker out the minute you sit down at the table with Mr./Mrs. Charming, and crank it up. If the needle even gets close to the red area, excuse yourself to the restroom and bolt out the back door. Believe me, this will save you a lot of your precious time, bullshitters don’t get that your time is valuable.

Oh here’s another tip before you pull up in the parking lot for that grand meet and greet, be sure that you google the word, “narcissistic personality,” you will for sure need to know about this type of disturbing personality, they are plentiful in the dating world. “All for me and the hell with you,” that’s narcissism in a nutshell.  If it sounds like I’m preaching, well, I am, trust your gut instinct, it’s typically always correct.

After going down this road since I’ve been divorced, I have not yet given up on finding someone decent and honest. But in the meantime, I will carry my trusty bullshit meter in my handbag, located right next to my iPhone!! And remember, you will always be just fine by staying home in your pajamas with an honest glass of wine!!

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