If you know Mommies in Orbit, then you know the Trivago Guy and I have a thing going on, hypothetically speaking of course! Tim Williams rocks it with his new Trivago commercial connecting with his audience immediately at the core. Tim’s humorous side really shines through brilliantly  and gives  us something to smile about! This light-hearted commercial entices me to grab my credit card and book a hotel room with Trivago, destination…..anywhere! From his earlier commercials,  to the personal interview I had with him this Spring, the Trivago Guy has once again, captured my attention and my heart. Tim’s limitless talent, along with his smooth velvety voice, and that sexy smile, guarantees an instant connection with his audience! So Tim, bring on a good old-fashioned pillow fight, a delectable feast, and a hot shower, all with The Trivago Guy! Check out his new commercial for Trivago! It just doesn’t get any better than this!


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