I distinctly remember the first time I saw The Trivago Guy in one of his TV commercials. I was all snuggled up on my sofa, when suddenly this handsome, self-assured, smooth-talking man grabbed my attention, and made me blush like a school girl. His swagger, his deep sexy voice, and those big beautiful engaging eyes, had me sprinting to the TV for a closer look. I was compelled to find out more about The Trivago Guy.

The Trivago Guy rattles our cages, in a good way. Women love him, and and men are envious of him. With or without a belt, the Trivago Guy has won our hearts. Who else do you know that can swipe and point in such a succinct, sexy manner?  Who is this handsome guy who rocked our worlds using the words, check in and check out? How is it that he woos us into grabbing our smartphones and booking a hotel room immediately?


Tim 1

Meet Tim Williams, a Houston-born, Berlin-based musician, actor and Trivago’s  ace. I was curious to find out more about Tim Williams, and what makes him tick.  So I asked for an interview, and I received one, lucky me!! I chatted via FaceTime with Tim from St. Louis, to his place in New York City.

Mommies In Orbit: Hello Tim, welcome to St. Louis!

Hello! Thank you very much. Hello St. Louis, been there, driven through the Arch, well under!

(We talk about the warm weather and Spring, while getting comfortable with one another.) 

So Tim, how do you like to spend your free time?

I like to play music, I like to do things with my friends. At the moment, you know I live in Berlin, and I’m in New York at the moment working on doing the acting thing, getting that going for some television, and meeting people.

Do you have kids, Tim?

The Trivago guy is a Daddy, two times! I’ve got two boys. I’ve got a six-year-old and a twenty-six year old! My little boy is coming over soon for Easter. I can’t wait to see him!!!!!

Tim Willams and his adorable son.

Do you have any new commercials coming up soon? Do you think the ladies will like them?

Trivago has some new things in the works. Yes, I sure hope so! I hope everybody likes them!

What do you think of the feedback from your commercials?

There’s so much feedback. It’s positive, negative, but it’s beautiful. We shoot our commercials in Berlin. That’s where I live.

How did you learn the German language?

I’m still learning it after 15 years. I’ve only learned it from the streets, from friends, from texts, and scripts, TV shows I’ve done. I never went to take a class. I think that’s a good way to learn it. You learn it and it sticks with you.

Tim, how do you think your friends would describe you?

Hopefully a nice guy, somewhat generous, somewhat loving, caring and fun, most of all fun!!

How do you deal with the comments about The Trivago Guy?

I laugh, I just laugh at it. It makes me laugh that people have so much time on their hands, to go and write such a negative comment that they have to get it out of their system.  So to each their own, said the farmer as he kissed his cow!! (laughs hysterically and points)

Do you still play music and if so, which direction is your music headed?

Yes, I still do music, and will be starting some new music in a few months when I’m back in Berlin. I’m going to do something country….. you know to keep in line with my roots coming from Houston.

I asked him what age he would revisit in his life if he could.

I think I’d wanna go back to about age 24 and stay about 24, just because it’s still fresh. You’re young enough to go and do some dangerous things and not get hurt, old enough to have a beer, old enough to go and see the world, I think 24 is exciting!

Tim Williams_Inka_Stelljes_Tim Dobrovolny_19_det

So what do you think is the key to living a good life?

Live life to the fullest, it’s too short. Get out there and do what you have to do. Love your kids and your parents. Gotta love your parents, ya know. It’s just nice to make people happy!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.54.10 AM
Tim during our FaceTime interview.

Tim asks me, is your last name HUG, that’s cool, HUG!! It’s a great name, gives me a big cyber-hug!! (I swoon and blush)

What do you want people to remember about you?

I want people to know that they can say whatever they want to say. (laughs adorably)

I just want people to know that I’m fun and those people out there that don’t know me, I wish they could really get to know me. Just trying to keep it real, that’s important.

Tim thanks me for the interview and I thank him for his time.

So what did I learn about The Trivago Guy?


The Trivago Guy is a very compassionate, loving, funny, confident and talented man. Tim Williams is a Dad, and adores his children, agreeing with me that they grow up way too fast.  He cherishes his family and  friends, and he is very successful in his endeavors.

He is excited and happy about life, and it shows in whatever he chooses to do.. His happiness and positive outlook on life sure came through during the interview.

I really enjoyed chatting with him and I’m looking forward to some new Trivago commercials, new country music, and maybe a TV show!!  I hope next time we talk, we can share a cup of coffee. Are you up for that Tim?

If any of my readers have any burning questions they would like to ask The Trivago Guy, please email me at [email protected] or leave a comment on my blog,  and I would be happy to get those answered for you.

Until then, this is Mommies In Orbit, checking in and checking out!!

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