If I’ve ever needed an app in my life, it’s now!  A driving app to help me teach twin teenagers how to drive. I need an app that will give me courage when we are taking a 20 mph turn at 40! Yes, an app that will grant me patience and sanity to make it through the those hair-raising times when they didn’t see the stop sign, or they just happen to drive too close to the curb and the lamp-post!!



An app that might pour me a strong drink when I can’t feel my fingers from gripping the door handles too tight and my nerves are shot. Or one that sounds a siren when the teens drive too close to a parked car with a big price tag. One that will grant me patience when my daughter claims, “Mom, I’ve got this under control!”


An app that instructs kids to always look both ways, repeatedly, to never take their eyes off the road, always wear their seatbelt. An app that holds their hands, tells them they are doing a terrific job and hugs them each and every time they drive off. Is that too much to ask?

Basically, a Mom in the car app, to protect them at all times, and make sure they are not texting and driving. I’ve watched plenty of friends teach their kids to drive, and somehow they made it through. I will too. But please in the meantime, is there an app for that?

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