The old saying is true, “Blink, and they’re all grown up!” Well the proof is in the picture. The young lady in the red dress is my daughter.  Attending the 8th grade dance was a milestone, an opportunity to savor time with friends and make some memories.

As my daughter spins into a new orbit this Fall, high school, I will count my blessings that she and her twin brother are in my life. Onward and upward, we leave middle school behind with all the craziness, early morning bus rides and the angst of those in-between-years. Instead we trade all of it in for high school, a fresh new start, with a bit of apprehension and excitement.

I arrived to the Motherhood arena late in life, but I learned quickly to hold onto the everyday moments with your kids. Whether it’s dinner together, conversation in the car, or an eye-roll, catch it, hold it, and store those memories in your heart, after all, the dance is starting soon.


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