how Moms of teenagers feel, scattered!

If you’re the Mom of a couple of teenagers, then you have come to know some things for certain. Here’s are some things I know for sure, well at least for now.

  • when entering the teen’s kingdom, knock first, wait, then enter, always in this order
  • quiet is the best policy on the way to school in the morning, small talk is not well tolerated
  • always have on hand a couple of weeks worth of groceries for the weekend, teens=hunger
  • if you want your teen to help out with something, plan on repeating yourself at a minimum of infinity
  • know that once you have the laundry finished, your daughter will need that certain article of clothing, immediately
  • pertaining to weekends, do not disturb your teen before noon, and you know why
  • don’t expect teens to ever step foot in a grocery store, it just isn’t going to happen, until they are at least 20!
  • rest assured that the “eyeroll” is not going away anytime soon
  • be prepared to eat dinner by yourself for a few more years, these people need/want their privacy
  • when your teen’s phone is down to 1% charge, know that they still have a couple of hours left, before homework begins
  • if you have a teen girl, know that having every color of nail polish known to mankind is still not enough
  • as soon as your head hits the pillow, you can bet there will be a flurry of activity in the kitchen, late night snacking
  • as soon as you cancel the Netflix account, someone will have to watch one more episode of something
  • good luck with Summer break, it’s gonna be a long one

Good luck, I know I’ll for sure need it!

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