If you’re a Sam’s Club or Costco shopper, then you are familiar with the gigantic bags and boxes of food items that are stacked to the ceiling. Twenty-five pound bags of potatoes, boxes of candy large enough to make any kid overdose on sugar and those extra large bags of Pizza Rolls, enough to make any teenager fall in love!

I know for sure that I drove to Sam’s, hauled the stuff to my car, lugged it into the house, and shoved it neatly into the pantry. Within a matter of days, it disappeared!  Is it a mystery, or is it a black hole? Just in case you’re a few years removed from science class, like me, here’s a short definition of a black hole from our friends at NASA:

“Don’t let the name fool you: a black hole is anything but empty space. Rather, it is a great amount of matter packed into a very small area.”

As I pondered what was happening to the food supply in this house, I did a little detective work and it looks like I have finally found my answer, the teenage appetite, it’s like no other beast on earth, it is in scientific terms, a black hole!

The forever dwindling food supply in this house proves that black holes do exist, they are one and the same, the teenage appetite! You don’t have to hold a degree in astrophysics to know what’s happening here, although it couldn’t hurt when raising teens!

Black Hole – credit www.dykn.com


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