“Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials.” Meryl Streep

If you’re thinking about starting a family and you’re worried about the biological clock, or you’re thinking, how will I get from here to there, this book is a must-read. “The ZEN of MIDLIFE MOTHERING,” compiled and collected by Cyma Shapiro is a very inspiring read. This book is now available in ebook format or print.  I am thrilled to be a contributor to The Zen, “My Journey Into Midlife Motherhood,” by yours truly, Mommies In Orbit!

“The Zen of Midlife Mothering celebrates the heartbreak and the glory of women choosing motherhood over 40 for the first, repeat, or last time, and of those standing firmly in place as mothers now in midlife.”

What it takes to become a Midlife Mother is very different for all of us. Our journeys are as varied as each sunrise and sunset. Read about the experiences that each author writes about from their own perspective. Take a look at our essays from men and women and learn about the myths and facts about infertility. Read about the “8 Myths and Realities About Adoption, from Adoptive Families Magazine,” from the people who have actually traveled this very road. I guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.


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