Cruising On Route 66!

The memories we make with our pups can last a lifetime. Dog Fence DIY encourages exploration beyond the fence!

Cody-and-Nikki-on-deck-294x300no watermarkMeet Cody and Nikki, my two canine buddies. They were both adopted from shelters, Nikki is a Border Collie and Cody is a lab mix, they are a joy to be around. Both of them like to ride in the car, and since the summer weather has been tolerable in the Midwest, we decided to take a cruise down Historic Route 66! What is it about dogs riding in cars that make us smile?  Just watching those cute furry faces, ears flopping in the breeze, and those big smiles, does it for me every time.

And why are they always so anxious to go for rides?  They like to absorb all of those new smells, especially my Lab, Cody, his nose is always busy! I think it’s the sheer freedom they feel as they break away from their normal routines. My dogs always look forward to taking walks beyond our subdivision where they have memorized all the scents of the neighborhood. We have nose prints and dog hair in abundance in our cars. We figure we owe them a “free ride,” especially after some of the not so popular visits to the vet.

This is something all of us need to do, take a break from our regular daily routines, stir it up a bit, take the long way home! Our dogs are part of our family. We try to include them in a lot of our “human” activities.  They enjoy hanging around the pool with us, gardening, although they have their own method of gardening (dig and run), and sitting on the front porch together. They especially like hanging around the dinner table with us, hoping for something yummy.

As we cruised along Historic Route 66, there were so many sights and smells. Nikki and Cody and I stopped to take a few photos along the way. We saw horses, ducks, old farmhouses, and lots of hilly terrain. Missouri is a beautiful and lush state in the summer. The scenery is outstanding, along with our natural rivers and lakes. Our state has to quite a lot to offer visitors. The dogs took in as many scents as possible, all while storing them within their canine memory. We made several “pit stops” to take photos and sniff out some new territory. One back road led to another, and soon we were way out in the countryside.

At one point, we had very little cell phone service available, Cody & Nikki didn’t mind, and neither did I! We were out “roughing it” like the pioneers, only we were in a four-wheel drive! It was so nice to go beyond the back yard and introduce Cody and Nikki to some areas where perhaps some of their ancestors currently roam, wolves!

On the way home, I think they were tired from all of the excitement in the country. They both became quiet and took a quick snooze. We came upon a great sunset just before we arrived home. What a colorful sunset to top off a perfect day on the road with Cody and Nikki!



Evening sunset!





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