Whether you’re a single mother trying to overcome the challenges, or a single person who is depressed and lonely, one of the best ways to help is sometimes to get a pet. While it isn’t a cure-all, having a companion around can be super beneficial for your mental health, and here, we’ll talk about how they can help

They Lower Stress 

Let’s face it, sometimes life is hard.  If you’re a single mom, you sometimes can feel the stress of your daily life take a toll on you. But, having pets around can reduce the stress-related hormones. Even just give minutes can help with this. 

It can naturally help with increasing the release of oxycotin, which is a chemical that we have in the body, and it’s why it can reduce stress in a natural sense. 

So if you’re feeling on edge a lot, get a pet. Even just five minutes of petting a cat can help. 

Great for Those with Anxiety 

If you suffer from anxiety, this is another good idea.  If you interact with pets, you can reduce a lot of the stress that might be in the body, and anxiety that’s there.

For children with childhood anxiety, this can be very helpful for them. Childhood anxiety is common, and this can increase the levels of good hormones in the body.  Children that grow up around pets often have a better chance of being happier and healthier. 

Children go through a lot, and if there are family issues,or if your child has issues that are affecting them, getting them a pet can help. 

Pets make you Feel Needed and Help with Depression 

Depression is something a lot of us feel, but pets can make us feel needed. This in turn will give us a sense of purpose in life, and meaning too. 

Even if it’s a cat, which doesn’t require a ton of pet care, it’s important to consider getting a pet if you’re feeling depressed. A study done back in 2016 regarding pets and mental health proves this. This study involved elderly people who were given five crickets to take care of. Now, crickets are tiny animals, and they might not seem important, but after eight weeks, their mood changed over time, and they were less depressed. So yes, getting a pet can help you with your depression. Taking care of a pet does involve some steps when it comes to pet care,but these steps can help you feel better, and give your life a sense of purpose, something everyone needs. 

Calms the Body down 

Interacting with pets does help clam the body down. Playing with a cat or dog raises our dopamine and serotonin levels, which help clam and relax the body down, and makes us feel much happier.  Pets don’t have to do much to be cute, and you’ll notice that, even with just daily antics, you’ll feel happier when you’re around them.  Whenever you smile and laugh at something your pet does, these get released, and you’ll feel better.

A good Step to Take 

Getting a pet is really good, and while it doesn’t substitute actual counseling, it is very good for you as a person to have around. Pets will make you feel better, and there is a reason that therapy animals are important. 

If you’re looking to take steps in the right direction regarding your mental health, you can start to do so by getting a pet, and seeing what happens over time with the introduction of this newfound friend.  

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