Mom, Mom, oh no, she’s missing, where is she? “I’m in the bathroom,” Oh. Here comes my little dude, “Mom I just have to tell you what happened at recess today.” Um, I’ll be out of here soon, can you tell me later? No, I have to tell you NOW!  Oh no, the phone is ringing! Mom, it’s my friend, can he come over and play? Can it wait until I get out of here? No, I need to tell him now. OK.

How many conversations have you had through the bathroom door with your kids?  It’s like an alarm goes off when Mom takes a potty break. Then they’re on the hunt for you. I have a lot of conversations through dear daughter’s door. Either she’s barricaded herself in her room due to a blow-up or taking her time getting ready for school. The conversation goes like this, “I’m mad at you, I’m never coming out!”  Oh,ok, that gives Mom time to go to the mall, have lunch and do some Christmas shopping.  “Really, I don’t like you anymore.”  OK now dear daughter, UNLOCK and UNBLOCK so we can talk about this. OK, Mom.

Really, if you want to get your kids to talk to you about anything, go to the powder room and lock the door.

Out of my mind, be back in five minutes, one of my favorites, I child-proofed the house, but they still get in.                              HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Send Vodka.

The Library.
Caution, do not enter.

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