Reviving the 1970’s

I just can’t understand why my kids wouldn’t want me to show up at their elementary school styling in some 70’s clothes. After all wasn’t that the era of bell bottoms, platform shoes and leisure suits? big bell bottomsI always thought bell bottoms were fair to every body type, no matter how big you were in the bottom, that severe taper and then the large bell, made anybody look like a model. Platform shoes gave us all the chance to be tall.

100% polyester was popular too.                                             groovin guy I saw at a concert

Take one  look at this guy and you’ll recall why our Moms kept us in 24- hour lockdown. I don’t know which is more disturbing, the slick looking clothes or the pose.

Disco man  

Of course we had our favorite disco guys,ones we all wanted to bring home to Mom and Dad. It was simply a time for self-expression, I’m glad I got to be a part of it. Seems to me like we are celebrating the 70’s today…. peace signs are abundant, tie dye shirts, leg warmers are even making a comeback. Tell the kids to take a chill pill and enjoy it while it’s here, before we orbit into the 1980’s.

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