A chore-free holiday season.

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Forbidden tasks.

This Holiday Season I plan on hanging out around the egg- nog bowl and goodie table chatting it up with family.  Cleaning, washing and ironing are not in fashion for me in 2010. This year clean clothes will come at a premium for my family, you want ‘em, you wash ‘em. If anything gets cleaned, it will resemble the smart cookie in the photo below.

This is the way we wash the sofa, wash the sofa…..

Elaborate meals with real china will be hard to come by, and in it’s place, me throwing down an iced cold Coca-cola while reading Better Homes and Gardens.

Me on Thanksgiving Day.

Of course there will be turkey and all the fixins, joyfully delivered by our local catering company. Don’t fret kids, Grandma will be bringing your favorite pies. But this year, for a change, Mom will be hanging tough on the sofa watching football and getting in a quick game of Monopoly with the kids. The difference is that Mom  won’t be passed out and snoring from exhaustion, but will be there 100% for her family. Happy Thanksgiving!

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