Older Mommies in Orbit…….Don’t call me Grandma!

I was out furniture shopping with my ten year old daughter, and got to chatting with a sales woman, who commented on how cute my daughter was, and then remarked, ” Oh, are you her Grandma?” OMG ! No, I am her Mom and darned proud of it. I wanted to blast her into the furthest galaxy! What, space dust instead of a brain?

I had my twins just as I turned 45, had a great pregnancy, no bed rest, no high blood pressure, and delivered two healthy babies. At that moment, I became a member of the older Mom’s club, only to include many well known people who also had children over 40:  Nancy Grace, twins; Jane Seymour, twins; Susan Sarandon and fashion model, Iman.

The emotional terrain is different for older Moms, we don’t always fit in, but we also long for a sense of community. I think back to that day and how I felt when I was referred to as “Grandma,” and thank my lucky stars for my two beautiful children. My kids and I may not always be in the same orbit, or galaxy for that matter, but we are a family.

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