A Text to My High School Kids.

Well, there you go, you guys went off to high school last week, without blinking. Both of you, at once, as brother and sister, as twins, as my only kids. Mom is holding it together, I’m a bit sad to see you growing up so fast, but then again, I want you to get out and experience new things. Granted, it won’t be the same way…

If Teenagers Made The House Rules.

I can’t help but wonder, having two teenagers in the house, what the rules would be like if they wrote the book for a week. As they complete their first semester as freshman in high school, it looks like we are about to have a house party. For starters there would be more laughter in the air. My daughter informs me that teenagers laugh a hell of a…

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday.

Sunflower Madness.

Wordless Wednesday.