Just when you thought you’d seen every Trivago commercial out there and read all you could about The Trivago guy, he returns just in time for Summer travel with a new commercial featuring an adorable, chihuahua named Lucky. Tim Williams, The Trivago Guy grabbed my attention when he asked, “Have you ever wondered if you could get lucky in your hotel room? This really matters to me. Come on Lucky!”  Trivago now allows pets to bunk with you in your hotel room, and that’s a good thing!

That flirtatious look along with those big blue eyes will definitely stir up some reactions from men and women alike. {insert smile}

Yes, he’s still tapping the icons on the screen, yes, he’s still walking off camera with that “follow me” swagger while talking to us in that raspy, sexy voice. He’s looking mighty, middle-aged fine, even without a belt. It appears as though he may have stayed off the party bus the night before and booked himself a suite! BRAVO, Trivago!




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