10 Reasons to Get Your Kids on a Bike

guest post by David Bender

Are your children cyclists? If not they are really missing out not only on the fun but also on a whole other awesome aspects. Below are 10 reasons as to why you should get your kids on a bike.

  1. Cycling boosts your child’s health

Researchers have proven that kids who usually cycle to school are more alert than those kids who came by the bus or in their parent’s car. It’s recommended that children should get 60 minutes of physical activity every day. They really can achieve this by cycling daily. Cycling generally improves the fitness of your kids as well as boosts their positive mental attitude. If your child learns to cycle from a very tender age they grow up valuing good health and fitness which they will primarily get from cycling.

  1. The fun is so real

To kids a bicycle is more than a toy. It is a machine. The enjoyment that kids derive from controlling this “machine “is amazing.  Unfortunately, many parents discourage their kids from cycling often due to the fear of hurting themselves. On the contrary, kids enjoy themselves so much that they have learned that cycling doesn’t have to be dangerous at all. As a parent all you need to do is relax and trust that all the hard work that you put into training them did not go to waste.

  1. Get to bond more as a family

If you really love cycling then you will obviously pass it on to your kids. Once in a while get to join them and cycle together. This way you also get to exercise and keep fit as a family. Another plus is that you are likely to learn more cycling tricks that your kids have probably picked up from their friends. You could even try racing and see if you still have got your prowess. During the holidays, take it a level higher. Sign up for one of the many adventurous biking holidays anywhere in the world that you so please. Such encounters will not only let your child test new grounds but will make you stick closer as you see more places on two wheels. Your kids will always be looking forward to cycling with you every single chance you get.

  1. Cycling makes you kids more responsible

There is a lot of responsibility that comes with owning a bicycle. From cleaning them to seeing to it that they are repaired when broken.  Your kid will have no excuse for getting late to school. Cycling and owning a bike also comes with a lot of freedom and independence. Your kids will thus learn how to respect the independence and freedom accorded to them. As it is said, to whom much is given much is expected. As they grow up to the point of owning a car, the same positive mannerisms will be carried on simply because they acquired utmost responsibility from a very tender age.

  1. It will save more of your money

Have you ever done your math just to see how much you spend on paying for a cab mainly to have your kids picked up from school, or dropped off at their friends? You would be surprised. Riding a bike is way cheaper. Bicycles cost cheaper than cars, they are cheaper to maintain and do not need gas. Your kids will literary be traveling around for free. If you need to cut down on your expenses, how about getting your children to take up cycling and they can ride themselves to and from school and basically anywhere they want to go to.

  1. A better environment

Research has shown that cycling promotes most of the existing climate solutions in the entire world. Since bicycles do not consume any gas they do not emit any harmful gases to the environment. The fact that bicycles bring about traffic decongestion helps to promote climate change. What’s even more amazing is that the amount of energy and materials that can be used to construct an automobile can be used to make 100 bikes. In addition to climate change, bicycles are not associated with the noise made by other automobiles.

  1. A better state of mind and body

Cycling is a sure stress reliever. It doesn’t matter if you are cycling for pleasure or as a sport you always get to your destination feeling so much happier and refreshed. The amount of cardiovascular activity involved in cycling is also right for your heart as it is not as intense and hence promoting overall body wellness. Majority of the people who take part in cycling often attest to increased body strength, increased balance and flexibility as well as increased stamina and endurance.

  1. Convenience

Your kids will appreciate their bike over being driven around because it is more convenient. It is very fast and your kids will no longer have to depend on you for lifts. Cyclists always get front-row parking spaces anywhere they go. Also with a bike, your kids can make many short trips with less chances of being caught up in traffic jams.

  1. Good citizenship

In order for your kids to be perfect riders they have to have a good understanding of the traffic and road safety rules. Apart from that they will also have to abide by these rules throughout. As a result they will find it even easier if and when they transition to driving because from the past they have learned the necessary traffic rules.

  1. Boosts confidence

In all honesty, mastering the art of riding a bicycle really takes a lot of commitment and confidence. Before being perfect at it, kids will usually fall over quite a number of times. As they get to learn more they build on their confidence which will be a bit harder to acquire if they learn later in life.

Cycling does a lot of good for your children. It a better way to have so much fun compared to spending endless hours watching movies and cartoon. It makes them more responsible and confident. It also boosts their alertness and general performance in class. Another plus is that you get to interact more as a family as you make many fun memories. And to top it all up, your kids will be at their best in terms of health and fitness. Just give it a try and see your kids flourish.

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