Trivago guy, you’ve got my attention, and my vote. I saw your commercial during the Republican presidential debate. What a welcome sight, you, belt or no belt.  There you were all calm, cool and collected, standing  at the podium looking all presidential-like. I must say you sure looked  handsome in a suit, with your hair all combed like a sweet young school boy.

After listening to an hour of the cat-fighting among the candidates, I was thinking I needed to book myself a vacation, to escape the political insanity. Trivago guy, get me a room, preferably one with a view of the ocean, minus any political views. Tell me about your policies, Trivago Guy, I’m ready to hear all about it!

You’ve come a long way baby! Gone are the days of the unbuttoned shirt, the messy hair, the baggy pants, sans belt, that sparked an Internet debate of its own, and of course that swagger you are so famous for, as you walk off camera. Give us more Trivago guy!

trivago guy

Trivago guy, I’ve watched your metamorphosis, I’m impressed, I like your policies, and your idea that “Nothing good ever happened with a belt on.” I couldn’t agree more. So sway me Trivago guy, I’m ready, get on with it!