Well, there you go, you guys went off to high school last week, without blinking. Both of you, at once, as brother and sister, as twins, as my only kids. Mom is holding it together, I’m a bit sad to see you growing up so fast, but then again, I want you to get out and experience new things. Granted, it won’t be the same way as when I went to high school, way back in the 1970’s, ( and yes, the music was awesome!)

It’s different now, you have more choices, you run at a faster pace, absorbing the plethora of lighting speed information coming at you. But you can make it what you wish to make it. I’ll be here for you. Get out and have a good time, meet some new friends, cherish old friends, enjoy the Friday night football games, and don’t take it all so seriously. Jump through the hoops required of you, and you’ll do just fine

The high school I attended way back when resembled a castle, and is now known for it’s haunted corridors, the very ones I used to walk everyday. There were no big paved parking lots or drop-off circles. We definitely didn’t have Wi-Fi or computer labs. But we did have Biology, and you have that too.  Except for you probably won’t ever meet a teacher like Mr. Seymour, Biology teacher Freshman year, who for whatever reason known to mankind, leaped upon the lab table during class, and challenged everyone to eat a chocolate covered grasshopper. I will never forget him. And that’s why he did it.

Grover Cleveland High School, Built in 1915, closed in 2006.

I hear the wave is currently the most common method used today while moving through modern-day hallways. If I remember one thing from my high school days, besides hugging my high school sweetheart when time permitted, it was the overwhelming chatter of teenagers, and locker doors slamming, all within those precious few minutes between classes.

I know it feels strange leaving middle school and being surrounded by new people, embrace it. Soon enough the hallways will become familiar, you will meet many special people along the way, and it will seem like it’s the only place you’ve ever known.

Love, Mom

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