I can’t help but wonder, having two teenagers in the house, what the rules would be like if they wrote the book for a week. As they complete their first semester as freshman in high school, it looks like we are about to have a house party.

  • For starters there would be more laughter in the air. My daughter informs me that teenagers laugh a hell of a lot more than adults do, don’t know where she comes up with her statistical data.  It’s probably because they are NOT the parents of teenagers!
  • Each and every meal would be eaten out of a bag and closed with a clip.
  • Jolly Rancher’s would become a food source.
  • Homework would always be done on the floor, with ear buds firmly planted in ears.
  • Showers would nearly be eliminated.
  • Drive thru’s would replace the kitchen.
  • Netflix would be (is) King.
  • Communication would only be done through FaceTime.
  • Coats would never be worn.
  • Starbucks would be a substitute for sleep.
  • Bedtime would be a thing of the past.
  • A healthy meal would consist of Pizza Rolls, LifeSavers and Chocolate Covered Pretzels, because Mom, it does looks like three food groups to us.
  • Final exams would cease to exist.

House rules written for and by the teenagers.

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