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Nikki, my border collie would like to introduce you to Wellness® TruFood,  a premium pet food line for dogs and cats now available at PetSmart®.  TruFood® offers a full line of dry, wet and treats, yummy, for both dogs and cats, made from whole foods from the farm, field and the sea.

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Given their 100 years of combined experience making natural pet foods, Wellness® is committed to nutritional innovation and product quality. Slow-baked in small batches, TruFood contains 70% more raw protein than most other pet foods. They use only whole-prey proteins, full of natural vitamins and minerals that your pets need to stay healthy. Here are some key points that set Wellness TruFood® dog and cat food apart from all the others:

  • TruFood® uses only Grain Free fiber like chickpeas, flaxseed and lentils for better digestion.
  • They also incorporate into their premium foods, powerful superfoods such as beets, blueberries, and cranberries to help your pet maintain a healthy weight and give support to their immune system.
  • TruFood® recipes also contain pumpkin, ginger, turmeric and live yogurt cultures to aid in the support of a healthy digestive system.
  • And for those vegetable-lovers, TruFood® includes kale, broccoli and green beans.

Now, where can you find Wellness TruFood® for your pets? At your local PetSmart® store! Check out what pet lovers have to say about TruFood® by following us on:


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trufoodHere are a few more reasons to feel confident when choosing Wellness TruFood®:

  • Slow baking our food in small batches is one of the innovative ways we deliver 70% more raw protein than other similar pet foods. See why carefully blended, slow-baked ingredients are higher in protein and richer in flavor.
  • It’s more than a food. It’s our philosophy. See what Living Nutrition looks like and how we bring our food philosophy to TruFood®.
  • The Living Nutrition in TruFood® helps make a real difference you’ll see in our food and notice in your pets.

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