On the way home from taking the teenagers to school, I was at a stop light next to a van with big bold letters on the side that read, “Senior dogs 4 seniors.”  I motioned to the man driving to roll his window down so I could tell him what an awesome idea this was. He thanked me, and I mentioned to him I would like to share his business on my blog. That was pretty much the end of the conversation, stop lights are short, but his idea is genius.

In the few minutes we had at the stop light, we made a connection. At that point in time, I figured we both had an important job to do. His was to place loving senior dogs with loving senior people and mine was to spread the word over social media, and of course the old-fashioned way, talking to friends, neighbors, and others, when I could divert their attention away from their phones! So it’s a win, win for all of us.

Check out their website, it’s full of information along with heart warming  photos of seniors matched with their loving pets. Perhaps the city you live in has a similar program for matching senior pets with senior people.



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