It’s that time of year again when pools are open, kids are swimming and we need to think about safety for our pets around pools. I have personally used the Skamper Ramp in my pool for years now, and it works! This device is also helpful is saving wildlife from drowning in your pool. Check out the details below:

Gamma Skamper Ramp Pool Ramp for Pets

“This simple white, hi-tech plastic ramp attaches to the deck of the pool, walled pond, or even most docks and some boats (Note: boat installation will vary and in some cases requires ingenuity! This is because boat design is not as universally consistent as pool design). Because all living beings see white, animals can see it day or night and they “skamper” out of the water on the ramp by themselves! This gives pet owners and animal lovers alike unprecedented peace of mind in terms of water safety. The Skamper Ramp will not yellow, become scummy, grow barnacles, or mildew when left in water (salt water, fresh water, pool water…) becasue it is UV and chemical resistant.

It comes with rope, stainless steel D-ring clips, and nylon washers for attachment. If desired, simply “flip it out” when the pool is in use, and flip it in to safeguard your pet when you leave the pool area. Even in winter, leaving it hanging down inside a pool that is partially drained down, under a winter cover, or on top of a non-permeable cover, can prevent accidental animal drowning by giving them an escape route. Safe for vinyl-lined pools, docks, stock tanks, bulkheads & water troughs. Skamper Ramp is ideal for vinyl-lined pools because it is manufactured using a process that makes sure there are no sharp fabricated edges (to puncture or wear away the liner). Made from recyclable materials the Skamper Ramp features an easy snap together design for easy assembly. Dogs can usually be trained to use the ramp with some treats and coaxing.”

Not Sure About Size?

Regular Size: Is best suited for wild animals, shorter strided pets, stock tanks, pools & water troughs.

Super Size: Is best suited for any size animal up to 200 lbs. even the largest pets, or any size pet to use with most docks, bulkheads, pools, and some boats.”

Skamper Ramp

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