The horizon is a line that separates our earth from the sky. Interesting, right?

As parents we know when something is “up” with our kids. It’s not just the occasional slump they experience from time to time caused by too much homework or a long week of school, or even the Winter blues.  You notice one day that your kids are becoming more opinionated, more sassy and  more competitive with one another. ( and with the parents.)

It takes a while to sink in and then you realize, they are becoming teenagers! OMG, it’s actually happening. You knew it would happen one day, especially when they entered the double-digit zone. In addition to fluctuating hormones wreaking havoc on the entire family unit, their brains are still developing.  At least there is a valid medical reason for their “speak before you think” episodes! Come on frontal lobe, let’s catch up with the rest of the brain, so the rest of us can survive your sudden outbursts.

Take for example, one boy and one girl, the same age…. they happen to be in the same grade, some of the same classes, eat lunch at the same time and ride the bus together. None of this promotes harmony. It’s more like they are two meteors hurtling toward one another in outer space, ain’t nothing gonna stop them now!

I can’t say that I’m looking forward to the teen years, times two, I’ve been warned by friends and neighbors who have already stumbled through these years, that “It ain’t no picnic, honey!”

So strap yourself in, take a deep breath, perhaps invest in a really awesome pair of headphones, and block out about 99% of the nonsense, and hopefully, just maybe, you will come out the other side, still sane!





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