What would a Mom do with a time out? Well I’m about to get a clue during the next few days, while the kids are in a far away place visiting relatives! I’m all for hanging out with the kids, but every Mom needs a break from the chatter, the bickering, and the madness!

I’ve made myself a list of what to do, or not, during my time out!

  • No cooking allowed!
  • Silence the alarm clock…
  • Hang out with the dogs!
  • Listen to LOUD music !!!!
  • Ban all Spongebob episodes. oh yeah!
  • Shop the after Christmas sales…
  • Watch Luke Bryan, Farm Tour, over and over!!
  • Sleep in and nap often….
  • Be amazed at how everything stays in place!
  • Order Mom’s favorite pizza
  • Just R-E-L-A-X!!


So, now what?

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