I know, I’m the parent, and I’m supposed to instill this sense of calmness and confidence in my kids before they start middle school next week. I gotta he honest and say that the whole thing rattled me, inside and out. There is a vast difference between elementary school and middle school. By the time we went in and out of classrooms to meet the teachers and gather unruly stacks of paper to bring home and read, I was already going right over the edge.  I don’t think anyone else noticed my behavior, I tend to keep it to myself at the time and let it out later on my  blog. Seems like a safe way to go about it, I think?

Did I mention I have two 6th graders, twins, boy and girl, of course they are as different as they possibly can be.  Let’s just say they tolerate one another for now. I can feel those winds about to change.

Since I’m an older parent, I tend to not fit in either here nor there. I just AM. It’s taken some getting used to. People either accept you or they don’t. I used to try to make friends with a lot of the Moms back in elementary school, but I could just feel the resistance from some of them. It hurt my feelings at first, then after a couple of years, I decided, that yes, we are different in our ages.  We had our kids at many different times on the spectrum. And me being the older Mom is just what I am. They don’t know my story and they don’t want to, it’s mine to keep and cherish. And they have theirs too. Walking down the hallways of the school made me nervous at first,but by the end of the night, I could feel myself becoming more calm and smiling at Moms, Dads and kids with sincerity and peace.

It’s just another lesson to be learned and then incorporated neatly into the life of  Mommies In Orbit. I’m sure to have lots of help along the way. I want this transition for my kids to be as smooth as possible. So if you think I can do it, well then, I can surely do it, overcome my fear of middle school.

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