If you’ve read any of my posts from the past, here at Mommies In Orbit, you would know that most of the time, my kids drive me nuts! I have not been shy about telling it like it is!  What’s so different about this year? Well, as I used to refer to them in my blog, Rocket Boy and Channel Chick, are both starting middle school tomorrow!   Aside from all the bickering and B.S… all… summer…long…. they are really great kids!

Every summer I’ve counted impatiently the days before school starts, yet this year seems different. What happened? Did we finally connect? We are beginning to see positive signs of maturity in both kids. They are growing up quickly to say the least, but they are stepping outside of their own wants and needs and reaching out to others. Yes, for once, they realize that Mom and Dad are people too! Yeah, it’s a revelation!

Middle school gets a bad rap sometimes. I know what goes on there, the bullying, the stares, the hurt feelings, but I’m trying to look at the positive side of things too. Both of my kids  will not only be learning reading, writing, and here’s an old word, arithmetic, acutally, pre-algebra for them…. but also how to get along with all types of personalities, become responsible and try out some new things. Believe me, I know what I’m in for, especially with two of them at the preteen stage, I’ve been warned by friends and neighbors!

We had a good summer, a hot one in the Midwest, but we learned some things about each other and we had some good laughs. We even picked our favorite song for the Summer of 2012, “Drive By” by TRAIN.

And this is what I promised my kids:      

Oh I swear to you
I’ll be there for you
This is not a drive by



The Good Morning Sunflower!

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