My Reasons for Kids Later Than Sooner….

Being an older Mom is more than a pain in the neck somedays. I’ve spoken to Moms who had kids in their twenties and thirties, but I don’t know anyone personally who has produced actual offspring in their 40’s.
Of course there are the Hollywood ladies I’ve read about who have postponed childbearing into their 40’s and most of them had twins, like myself.

Bringing kids into the world is a huge ordeal and responsibility. I don’t think I was quite ready in my 20’s or 30’s.  I was roaming around living in different places, trying to find out just where I belonged.  Now that my twins are nearing 10 1/2 years old, a milestone for them and for me. I’ve come up with some sort of list as to why I had kids, later than sooner.

  • First stop, a tour to Germany. Toting a kid or two to Germany, while being married to an Army guy would have been unbearable, especially when I discovered upon landing that we had no place to live, at least not yet. I embraced the challenge.
  • Just living in Germany in the 70’s was a challenge, and taking along two hell raising kinders to the many fine German pubs would have been a nightmare.
  •  To tell the truth…. I really didn’t see the big deal about having little wranglers running around. I had things to do, especially while in Germany. There were castles to explore, Jagermeister to consume, grand hangovers to be dealt with and traveling to be done.
What? Tour this castle or have kids?

Upon returning to the United States, I still wasn’t ready to become a Mom. Yikes, I had school to finish, photographs to take, and freedom to be had.  Actually I really never gave Motherhood a second thought.
Graduating from college was my goal. I never realized how fast time slipped by……until the biological clock that had been buried so deeply began to tick so loudly. Geez, what the hell is that noise?

Fast forward ten years, didn’t think much of the age issue, just wanted a kid, until the fertility gods slapped me on the head and said, “This will be no easy task.”

Turns out they were right, after three miscarriages and living on the edge for nearly four years, the doctor slapped me on the head and said, “You’re having TWO babies, count ’em TWO!” 

So how does Mommies In Orbit like being a MOM?  Well, it’s the wildest, most rip-roaring ride I’ve ever strapped myself into, and it never stops. It’s up and down and all around.  If you’re a parent, that’s really all I gotta say, you know. As for having kids later than sooner, well it was probably in the cards the whole time, I just never knew it.


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