WOW, kids sure have it all figured out when it comes to “homework avoidance.”  Take Rocket Boy for example, he loathes reading. He avoids it like the plague. This kid can sit at his computer and write computer programs for hours, that endlessly turn into days. But when it comes to the printed word, bound together,with numbered pages, he runs the other direction.

Rocket Boys’ worst nightmare, the library!

His twin Sister, Channel Chick, reads more than enough for both of them. The authors can’t keep up with her reading addiction. This kid can nail a book from start to finish in a few hours, and I’m talking about 300 page books!  I can take away her computer, television, iPod, and she will just perch in her room and read for hours.

Is this my fault?

Is this my fault? Did something happen in-utero? They are twins, ya know. Did I eat too many frozen slurpees while their little brains were forming, and cause some sort of “brain freeze?”  Did Rocket Boy get robbed of the reading gene? Is Channel Chick over-compensating for his lack of reading?

Can I outsource the whole freakin’ parenting role and just get on with it?

I never used to look like this!

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