The Big Bang Weekend.

I haven’t set foot in a roller skating rink for years, (mostly on purpose), but I sure as heck will this weekend, twice! 

Most of our mornings look like this.

My kids are having their birthday parties, SEPARATELY, yikes whose idea was that? The big bangs are already starting.  Mom, I don’t want to go to a BOY party and I don’t want HIM to come to my GIRL party. My daughter looks like a cross between “Baby Alive” and one of those antique stabbity dolls with the freaky eyes slinging out orders on how SHE thinks the parties should go. My little dude just takes it in stride, he’s gotten used to the hormonal explosions.So my little dude has the answer that would get social services here as fast as they can, ” Well, OK, I won’t go to your girl party, I’ll just stay locked in the car.” You can imagine her response to that. And all this happens while getting ready for school.

Then Mom says, “Ok, so we will ALL go separately, and nobody will have any fun, OK, settled!”
So suck it up Mom, it’s time to get to likin’ the Hokey Pokey, The Cha Cha Slide, and limbo contests, ’cause it’s gonna be a rockin’ weekend at the skateport. Wish me luck, send vodka.

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