How Teenagers and Dogs Are Alike.

I’ve come to the conclusion that teenagers and dogs have quite a bit in common. After spending the Summer with the “four of them,” I began to notice many similarities, in a good way. They may not speak the same language, well sometimes, but the similarities are definitely visible. Teenagers and dogs love to sleep. Anyplace, anytime and for long periods of time. Dogs and teens…

Wordless Wednesday

Pool Safety with Skamper Ramp.

It’s that time of year again when pools are open, kids are swimming and we need to think about safety for our pets around pools. I have personally used the Skamper Ramp in my pool for years now, and it works! This device is also helpful is saving wildlife from drowning in your pool. Check out the details below: Gamma Skamper Ramp Pool Ramp for Pets “This…

Fabulous Friday!

Why It Is Important to Socialize and Train Your Dog.

Have you ever wanted to take your dog with you to a park or an outdoor café but have wondered, “How will he or she behave in public?” What does it take to socialize a dog so that both of you can feel comfortable and assured wherever you go? When is the right time to start socialization? What is the first step I should take? Dogs need…

Wordless Wednesday!