As a single mother, it might not always be easy to prepare full meals with healthy options for your family. With a little planning, you can prepare meals ahead of time that are nutritious and that your children will likely enjoy. When you make meals, try to get your kids involved as much as possible because it’s a time that you can spend together after a day of school or work.

Make a Plan

Before the week begins, make a meal plan with your kids so that you prepare meals that they want and that they will enjoy. You can then use this plan when you go to the grocery store so that you only get the items that you need instead of a lot of things that you want. An option is to order bulk items online, such as meat from a meat supplier like Cibao Meat Products.

Fresh Produce Early on

If you get fresh produce at the grocery store or you want to use fresh items in your meals, then consider using them early in the week. The beginning of the week usually isn’t as hectic as the end of the week is, and most produce that you get tends to go bad by the end of the week. There is also a better variety of grocery stores at the beginning of the week instead of at the end when more people are shopping for groceries.

Flexibility with Meals

As much as you want to plan ahead for meals, there will likely be emergencies that arise as well as changes in schedules that you don’t plan on when you prepare meals. Try to keep a few frozen meals in the freezer that you can heat in a few minutes. You can also keep a little money set aside to get takeout food if you aren’t able to eat at home. When you’re in town during the day, stop by the grocery store to get milk and other items that you know are consumed during the week by your family so that you don’t run out.

Get Creative

When you aren’t sure what to fix during the week, get a little creative with some of the ingredients that you have. Pasta and a variety of sauces should be kept in your pantry as these are good base items to use for meals. You should also keep a few different kinds of meat in the freezer that you can easily use with vegetables and pasta dishes.

When it’s time to cook for your kids, it can often seem like a challenge after working and taking care of the house all day. Try to plan ahead as much as you can. Talk to your kids to find out what they enjoy so that you don’t get a lot of things that they won’t eat, making meal preparation a bit easier.

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