With a multiculturalism attitudes in society, many people are beginning to consider different ways of living. Take for instances dog food. We are accustomed to feed dogs off-the-shelf kibbles.

However, with the new trend in town, some people are actually shifting from a manufactured kibble diet and are incorporating more of human foods in their dog’s meal. But can dogs really eat apples or bananas or other substitutes for manufactured dog foods? Well let’s take a look to find out more!

Human foods if balanced and administered in right proportions can be deemed healthy, but it’s easy to feed your pup something that you shouldn’t have. You should always ask your vet if you’re thinking of feeding your pup human food.

Human foods can be a great option but without strict administration, they may have side effects on your dog’s health. You need to consider which options are great and those that are a no-go zone. To help you out, Pet Gear Lab has shortlisted safe human foods for your dog.

Can dogs eat oatmeal, lobster or apples

By downloading their chart, you get to know which foods are best, those to moderately give and those to refrain from. Stick the chart in an open area as it acts a reminder of the do’s and don’ts when it’s feeding time. It’s especially great if you have kids and they tend to sneak a snack now and then. With this chart they can feed a snack safely.

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