Does your furry friend like to sneak into the front seat while you’re driving? Are they convinced that you need a co-pilot to help navigate your trip? You can still share the love with your pet, and practice distracted free driving by using the easy-to-install pet safety net, available at Pet Net Plus. It’s our responsibility to ensure our pet’s safety at home and on the road. It can be a rewarding experience to travel with our pets since there are so many pet-friendly hotels available.

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Now more than ever, distracted driving is at an all time high with so many drivers checking their cell phones frequently. Pet Travel Safety is our goal when traveling with our pets.

Tips for Safe Travel With Your Pet:

  • Even a well-behaved dog gets restless on a road trip and can cause driver distraction. Checking the rear-view mirror to see what your pets are doing can cause an accident. Be safe, keep your eyes on the road. Set up a comfy area on the back seat for your pets with some of their favorite toys. Talk to them while you are driving to soothe away any anxiousness they may be feeling.
  • In the event of an accident, you want your pet in the back seat away from the dashboard, airbags and windshield. Think ahead.
  • Remember to keep your pets out of the front seat and away from the gear shift or a window rolled down if you have to make a pit stop.
  • If you snack while driving, you know your pet is going to want to share some of those goodies with you. Keeping your pets in the back seat will allow for safe driving for your family and for others on the road.
  • Stopping at a safe place and allowing your dog to “take a break” can pay off in the long run. They need occasional leash-safe exercise, a snack and water.
  • Don’t let your pet climb into the passenger’s seat while you’re driving, this will set off the seat belt alarm, and cause the driver to become distracted.

Take a look at this article from Consumer Reports about traveling safely with your pets. This pet-friendly article details everything from choosing the right vehicle for traveling with pets, to a comprehensive list of what to bring along for your furry friends, Pets and Car Safety.

You can enjoy safe and pleasant road trips with your pets, if you take the time to plan ahead for everyone’s comfort and safety. Happy traveling!

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