Travel Safely With Your Pet.

Does your furry friend like to sneak into the front seat while you’re driving? Are they convinced that you need a co-pilot to help navigate your trip? You can still share the love with your pet, and practice distracted free driving by using the easy-to-install pet safety net, available at Pet Net Plus. It’s our responsibility to ensure our pet’s safety at home and on the road. It can be a rewarding experience to travel with our pets since there are so many pet-friendly hotels available.

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Now more than ever, distracted driving is at an all time high with so many drivers checking their cell phones frequently. Pet Travel Safety is our goal when traveling with our pets.

Tips for Safe Travel With Your Pet:

  • Even a well-behaved dog gets restless on a road trip and can cause driver distraction. Checking the rear-view mirror to see what your pets are doing can cause an accident. Be safe, keep your eyes on the road. Set up a comfy area on the back seat for your pets with some of their favorite toys. Talk to them while you are driving to soothe away any anxiousness they may be feeling.
  • In the event of an accident, you want your pet in the back seat away from the dashboard, airbags and windshield. Think ahead.
  • Remember to keep your pets out of the front seat and away from the gear shift or a window rolled down if you have to make a pit stop.
  • If you snack while driving, you know your pet is going to want to share some of those goodies with you. Keeping your pets in the back seat will allow for safe driving for your family and for others on the road.
  • Stopping at a safe place and allowing your dog to “take a break” can pay off in the long run. They need occasional leash-safe exercise, a snack and water.
  • Don’t let your pet climb into the passenger’s seat while you’re driving, this will set off the seat belt alarm, and cause the driver to become distracted.

Take a look at this article from Consumer Reports about traveling safely with your pets. This pet-friendly article details everything from choosing the right vehicle for traveling with pets, to a comprehensive list of what to bring along for your furry friends, Pets and Car Safety.

You can enjoy safe and pleasant road trips with your pets, if you take the time to plan ahead for everyone’s comfort and safety. Happy traveling!

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  1. Jenn | 30th Oct 15

    These are great tips!

  2. Pauline Gorczycki | 31st Oct 15


  3. Ana Aguilar | 1st Nov 15

    As a pet owner I should really consider this, thank you!

  4. Judy Thomas | 3rd Nov 15

    Great advice, thank you.Everyone should be made aware of the dangers.

  5. Tim | 3rd Nov 15

    Great Tips

  6. Starla B | 3rd Nov 15

    This is so helpful and I definitely need that net. My big 80 pound baby always thinks its okay to visit me in the front seat. While it is okay, it is so dangerous, lol. Great tips!

  7. Molli vandehey | 3rd Nov 15

    these are amazing tips, i would lvoe to take my pets on an adventure

  8. Nicole Carter | 4th Nov 15

    Thank you for these fabulous tips! Pet safety is so very important!

  9. Trish F | 5th Nov 15

    I can see with a large dog traveling with one of these nets is a must. My little pup rides in a special seat high up so she can see out.

  10. elinor semira | 5th Nov 15

    great tips. my kid has asthma so i am not sure if we could have pets around.

  11. Tim | 5th Nov 15


  12. Terri Irvin | 5th Nov 15

    Thanks for the good information!

  13. Mai T. | 6th Nov 15

    This post makes me mentally plan for another great road trip with my Weimaraner. I think she’s also hunger for some road.

  14. Kathleen Kelly | 6th Nov 15

    thanks for the great tips!!

  15. Deborah W. | 23rd Mar 16

    Great tips. May I also suggest getting a good safety harness. Sleepypod has been safety tested just like in the seat belt commercials. I used to travel with my dogs in crates until I watched the safety video about what happens when in an accident. No more; only the best for my fur-babies.

  16. clojo9372 | 23rd Mar 16

    These are all great tips. I really need to find a way to keep my dogs calm in the car though. It seems to scare them and they end up pooping themselves. That’s why I don’t travel with them too much if I don’t have to. They just get so scared.

  17. Linda Manns Linneman | 24th Mar 16

    This is such a great idea for traveling with pets. I have never seen this before. Thank you so much for sharing this. I will check this out soon.

  18. belinda bell | 24th Mar 16

    these are great tips. my furbaby loves going with us

  19. gale mccarron | 25th Mar 16

    I adore this net!! What a great safety feature for leaping pets. Thank you for the information!

  20. krystel | 27th Mar 16

    this is great especially how im getting a dog in a few months this is very useful

  21. Barrie | 28th Mar 16

    I love the mesh to keep dogs in the backseat.I know I should probably get our dog a seatbelt but he loves sitting facing the window or standing so he can see out.

  22. Tatum | 29th Mar 16

    Really great ideas!

  23. klito2 | 3rd Apr 16


  24. sachin patel | 5th Apr 16

    i have a pet. And it is a big problem when we are travelling. once he got lost and thankfully we were able to find him on time. thanks for the post. there are some gr8 tips which would help me during travel.

  25. DENISE LOW | 6th Apr 16

    Thank you for sharing these tips. Great tips to remember.

  26. Rebecca | 8th Apr 16

    We have a smaller dog, but these are great tips regardless of your pet.

  27. Judy Thomas | 9th Apr 16

    A great idea because if you have an accident not only is it safer for you but it is safer for them too.

  28. Katrina | 12th Apr 16

    I sent my husband out to find a safety net, asap! Our older dog still likes to try and sit in the front even when someone’s sitting there. It’s can be extremely distracting. Especially because he’s huge! Now we don’t have to keep him in the very back all alone.

  29. Michelle S | 13th Apr 16

    The net is a brilliant idea! I often mistake a dog in the front seat for a person.

  30. Dotty J Boucher | 15th Apr 16

    I have a friend that just bought one of these for his vehicle, he is always taking his dogs on road trips. He said he loves it.

  31. ena | 16th Apr 16

    useful to know

  32. RT | 16th Apr 16

    We have two smaller dogs and we have 2 booster seats in the back seat of the car – best investment I’ve ever made! They love it and so do I – they can look outside or curl up. They never try to get out either – you can clip them in if needed, but I am fortunate and don’t need to.

  33. Jerry Marquardt | 21st Apr 16

    I really appreciate the pointers and tips on traveling with my pet. I will use the information accordingly, and appreciate the information.

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