Brain Melt Saved by The School Bus!

OK, so I’m assessing the amount of brain melt I’ve accumulated over the past 10 days, during the lengthy Spring Break. Can Mommies In Orbit still function as a human being? Maybe, she’s not sure yet. To be safe let’s wait until the school bus pulls away and see how it feels to be ALL ALONE?  Wait, you mean I can be in the car alone? I can venture out to Target without hustling around two wranglers and spending twice as much? Just me and Smart Border Collie and Black Dog, peace at last.

Spring Break in a nutshell.

               YIPEE I can’t wait!

What will I do with all that time? Listen to the silence? Enjoy the kitchen countertops completely void of papers, pens, DS games, socks, dirty cups, sticky, squishy toys, you get the point.

So, while the kids are tucked away in school, what will she do with all that free time?

  • She’ll say that’s she’s gonna take a long nap, but she will go to the grocery store instead. 
  • She may think about getting her hair done, but really, she will wash her daughter’s skinny jeans for her. 
  • She swears she will grab her laptop and sit at Starbucks most of the morning, but in reality, she will pick up necessities at Target for her family. 
  • She claims she will go to the mall for some Spring shopping, but she will most likely go to Sam’s Club for huge jars of peanut butter, giants bags of potatoes, and whopping containers of cheese balls.

You know, it’s all for her family. She took the oath to be a responsible parent when she begged the fertility gods to give her a chance. It’s all part of the job description: 

  • roping the wranglers
  • tending to tempers
  • preaching common sense
  • screaming for the insanity to stop
  • repeating herself over and over
  • last, but not least, making sure the kids are safely tucked in at night

 It’s all in a day’s work for, Mommies In Orbit.

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