Bye Bye Daddy.

January 8, 2011

It all began so innocently, two babies, one Mom, one Dad, peace on earth, or so we thought. We lived in the baby orbit with bottles, blankets, pacifiers and coos. The baby years flew by, mostly due to the lack of sleep, learning how to juggle two fussy babies, two bottles, and two burp cloths, this soon created one crazy Mommy.

In no time at all our babies  morphed into two toddlers, we now lived in an indoor gated community, for safety’s sake. Mommy was alone with toddlers as we wave bye bye to Daddy. Toddlers have a mind of their own and spin off into the mischievous orbit, an actual photo of my twins below. Guess who wins?

You kids knock it off  !! Little Dude on the left, Channel Chick on right.  

Mommy shifts into her own orbit called the numbing orbit. This is a good place to be when her day is filled with piles of laundry, potty training, sparring kids and no life line in sight. Mommy creates a concoction to help her get through the day. See recipe below, a true lifeboat.


Kids eventually go to school, the big yellow school bus becomes Mommy’s BFF. Bye bye darlings, Mommy’s world shifts again. What shall she do all that free time? If you gave her a laptop, she may start a blog about her family, or NOT. She did.
She takes up baking and drinking gallons of coffee, she now shifts into the scary Mommy orbit, she bakes and bakes and feeds her kids cookies, cakes, anything to make them happy. She also smiles a LOT. She hangs out in the kitchen with a new apron for every day of the week. We are worried about Mommy.  Not to worry, in technical terms,  she is just shifting into the “Is This Really my Freakin’ Life” orbit?
Soon Mommy gets used to the day in and day out drudgery of taking care of kids. The twins have now entered the tween orbit and Mommy’s once calming coffee concoction is just not enough.  The tween orbit is filled with angst, screaming, back talk and hormonal surges. Mommy takes it all in stride as she continues to bake, plan birthday parties, and swallow the maximum dose of Prozac. 
One day Mommy goes on-line and starts a blog, this blog enables her to reach out to the other crazed nice Mommies out there. She decides to name her blog, Mommies In Orbit, Raising Kids One Orbit At A Time. She thinks this is a good name for a blog, after all raising kids is like living in outer space anyway, what with space aliens and unknown galaxies. She likes blogging.
Mommy doesn’t bake as much as she used to, she has graduated to martinis, and she is finally beginning to see some humor in having kids.


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