How Teenagers Can Benefit From Online Therapy

Teenagers….. can’t live with them, can’t live without them. They are amazing young people on the verge of adulthood. They are funny, energetic, and confusing at times to adults. They  are our future leaders, our precious children, all wrapped up in one package.  

With that said, teenagers are just like the rest of us, trying to make sense of our fast paced, crazy, confusing world. If you follow Mommies In Orbit, you know that I have two teenagers, yes twins! We are currently in the pre-college orbit. This orbit is like no other. It is filled with all kinds of emotions, decisions about college, and becoming an adult. 

Occasionally teenagers need someone to help them sort out their thoughts and emotions. Mom and Dad can’t always be fully objective in these situations. For busy teenagers, online  counseling is just the ticket for teens in a time crunch. Let them check it out, browse the therapists, read about their experience.  Talk to your teen about how convenient and helpful online therapy can be. Teens especially will like the access they can have to a personal counseler from the comfort of their laptop or smart phone. 

Adults are overloaded with commitments today, but teens are juggling school, work, peer pressure, and a host of other issues. The fixation with social media and the race for popularity on these platforms can cause some teens to feel like they have to catch up. In turn this can cause anxiety and distraction from school work. Online therapy can aid in helping your teen to see what’s important and how not to get caught up in the world of social media competition.

Here is some important information from the National Institute of Mental Health: 

If you think your friend might have depression, first help him or her talk to a trusted adult who can connect your friend to a health professional. You can also:

“Be supportive, patient, and encouraging, even if you don’t fully understand what’s going on.”

“Invite your friend to activities, social events, or just to hang out.”

“Remind your friend that getting help is important and that with time and treatment, he or she will feel better.”

“Never ignore comments about death and suicide, even if it seems like a joke or overdramatic. Talking about suicide is not just a bid for attention but should be taken seriously. Talk to a trusted adult such as a parent, teacher or older sibling as soon as you can.”

Online therapy offers another outlet for your teen’s busy mind and can be a huge help when they feel they can’t share something with a parent for  fear of being judged. Mommies In Orbit will tell you from experience, the teen years are full of proud moments for parents, and absolutely hair-raising times too!

As I prepare to launch my teens into the college orbit next year, I am thankful for all the fun times we have had together. I’m preparing myself for road trips to two different colleges, with my SUV packed with college necessities! Wish me luck!

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