Midlife Motivation!

Call it a midlife crisis, call it motivation, maybe it’s the fear of wearing a Snuggie to the pool again this Summer,  but Mommies In Orbit is going to make 2014 the year to get healthy. So I marched back into the local gym and re-joined, again.

It’s a little bit intimidating. This is the folder they give you when you sign up. It’s stuffed full of papers with lists of classes that I probably will never take, and the latest news on how to get healthy again! What’s funny to me is that they give this very same folder to everyone, no matter what your age. When I took a look at the photo and the slogan, “I Can Do It All In My Lifetime,” I had to laugh. I thought, yea, you bet I can, and at my age, I probably already have!


They should have a photo of some midlife mama, like myself, clutching a big bottle of “Advil” leaving the gym, while attempting to locate the car in the parking lot! Now that would be more realistic!

Starting over at anything is tough, especially exercising, this task is not for sissies, at any age. After spending some time on the treadmill, I suddenly discovered that I don’t own any of the latest work-out clothes! Yikes! Stuff matches now, shirts, shoes and even the ear-buds. Oh, and I guess I’ll have to get some of those “Beats” headphones.

So now entering my third week, I’m pleased that I pushed myself to try it again. This time will be different. This time around I will have motivation. Wish me luck, I’ll keep you posted!


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